The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a landmark museum in downtown Dallas, walking distance from the Dallas Museum of Art. The Perot Museum is a delightful excursion for both children and adults because of the variety of its exhibits and the helpfulness of its staff. Be prepared for a bit of walking, however, as the museum occupies five floors and offers a breadth of perspectives on both nature and science. Fortunately, elevators and escalators are centrally located and volunteers are everywhere, so if you need to find something you won’t have to go far to get help.

The museum also features a very nice theatre and assortment of films when a break from touring is called for.

Despite its size, the museum is in no way overwhelming. Its exhibits are tasteful and accessible, and well laid out. It strikes a nice balance between technical explanations and popular consumption.

Whether one is a serious science and nature buff, or simply looking for an enjoyable excursion, the Perot Museum is an outstanding choice for those living in or visiting Dallas. It also offers nice views of downtown Dallas from its stairwells. Very highly recommended for both children and adults.

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