Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction by Fr. Lawrence Boadt, CSP (Second Revised Edition).

Fr. Lawrence Boadt’s Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction has been the standard Catholic introduction for the last three decades. In the wake of his death in 2010, Paulist Press selected two prominent Catholic biblical scholars, Fr. Richard Clifford, SJ, and Fr. Daniel Harrington, SJ, to update the book in light of recent scholarly advances.

The revised edition retains the stimulating quality of the original edition and brings the book into the second decade of the new millennia. Fr. Boadt wrote the book at the age of 42, which is quite impressive for a work of this scope. As expected, there is nothing to find fault with given the original work and its revisers. It actually makes a nice companion purchase with Fr. Ska’s A Basic Guide to the Old Testament, also by Paulist Press. There is little overlap and the style of writing and narrative differs significantly.

The reader interested in a comprehensive introduction to the Old Testament need look no further, period. The careers of the three scholars is such that one can just be glad for this collaboration. The book is up-to-date, readable, engaging, and cohesive. A must read for any student of the Old Testament.

This revised edition was published in 2012 and retails for $26.95. It is published by Paulist Press and can be ordered through their website, Reading

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