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On the Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture

Here, the so-called sensus fidelium comes into play. Many women who have been married for a number of decades, and who were brought up in the pre-Vatican II Church believe in biblical teaching on women’s attitudes and behavior, and of course they interpret it with common sense, balance, and reciprocality. Submission does not mean slavery. So much more needs to be explored on this subject, but at least this document provides another authoritative attempt towards clarification. Continue reading

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The Catholic Voter

By repudiating single-issue politics, the Catholic Bishops have enhanced the capacity of Church members to be involved in the political process to a much greater degree than had previously been possible. The obligation to resist whatever is intrinsically evil persists; however, the expanded scope of relevant issues will make the Catholic vote of much greater importance to the final outcome. May that vote be cast in a manner that not only promotes the common good of the nation but also welfare and well-being of the entire human community. Continue reading

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