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Homeschool vs. Public School

As a once perspective teacher, I was very upset that I did not come to the realization that I was what was best for my children, sooner. Who better than the child’s parents to teach them? Sure, my degree made me excellent with crowd control, but what about really teaching these kids? It is almost impossible to reach students without parental involvement, and with the current state of the world, more and more children are raising themselves or being raised by siblings or friends. In a public school setting, it is extremely hard to reach every student, especially those who are exceptional (one end of the spectrum or the other). In a homeschool setting, the parent sets the course of learning through student interests and ability and the timeline is flexible (in many states). Continue reading

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Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning evokes self mastery as the woman grows to understand her body and use the times of fertility to achieve pregnancies and the times of infertility to avoid pregnancies. There are no surprises. Contraceptives provide the couple with a false sense of security and the false notion that there is no need to be selective, to wait for the right person and to abstain before marriage. Couples who use NFP have a much lower divorce rate than those who use nothing or contracept; there is better communication, they respect the truth of sexuality and the language of the body and become cooperators and co-creators with God. Continue reading

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Contemporary Masterpieces on Mercy and Forgiveness

Jesus really died. Do you believe that? In a fully human way. He no longer existed in life as we know it. It was the end. but only only temporarily. Actually, it was the beginning. The start of something new and better. And there is no better way to experience this than forgiveness. When we forgive others, we actualize God’s forgiveness of us. Goodbye guilt and self-hatred. Hello shalom. Jesus lives to forgive and intercede for us. Woe be it for us if we refuse to join him. Continue reading

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Reflections on the Afterlife

The late  Cardinal Martini was a prolific writer on biblical spirituality, so much so that a number of his books are being published posthumously. He was known for bringing cutting edge biblical scholarship down to earth and at the disposal … Continue reading

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A Contemporary Study of Prayer

Brother Enzo Bianchi, prior of a monastic community in northern Italy, has written a perceptive and well-balanced analysis of prayer in contemporary life, entitled Why Pray How to Pray, and published in 2014 by Alba House. He offers a very … Continue reading

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