Homilies from the Heart

Homilies from the Heart: Year A, B and C

By Msgr. Robert D. Fuller

Ordering information from the author: 520-326-7670

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Review by Joni Woelfel

Sometimes a treasure comes across one’s desk to review and you think, “Oh, how lovely!”  That is what readers will think of Msgr. Robert Fuller’s trilogy of books, Homilies from the Heart.  The covers are gorgeous, using the same image for all three volumes (Year A, Year B and Year C) in different colors.

Each book follows the liturgical, lectionary cycle, consisting of brief meditations based on three scriptures for thirty-three Sundays of the year, beginning with the first Sunday of Advent and ending with Christ the King.  These books are engaging, warm and inviting, appealing to all ages.  The texts contain stories, anecdotes and quotes that encourage folks to “look at the big picture of their lives,” to remember that “Religion is full of mystery.  It has to be because religion is about our relationship with God and God is a mystery.”

Ever calling his readers to faith, Fuller writes, “There is no Epiphany star in the heavens today.  It is us.  We are called to be the lights leading to a God who is irresistible.  Keep Shining.”  Writing of ever present cell phones and God’s call in our lives, he says, “All God wants us to do is answer his phone call.  Don’t pretend God is not calling.  Don’t think God has the wrong number.  Don’t put God on hold.  Don’t give God the busy signal.”

Fuller believes that “Heart makes all the difference in the world.”  He writes plainly about prejudices people have, whether it be political, spiritual, cultural, racial, sexual orientation and much more.  He addresses suffering, marriage, materialism, the definition of greatness, forgiveness and everyday struggles.

Each entry in these easy-to-follow reflections is written as if the reader is sitting alongside Fuller on a park bench, having a conversation as friends.  You feel welcome, at ease and encouraged as Fuller asks as a fellow companion, “Will we take that leap of faith and trust?”

Msgr. Fuller has been the pastor of St. Frances Cabrini parish in Tucson since 1987, having been ordained a priest of the Diocese of Tucson in l956.  He obtained his Master’s degree in Religious Education from Seattle University and his Doctorate in Ministry from the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley, CA.  As Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson writes, research studies have revealed that people want homilies that are “spiritual, thoughtful, meaningful and that move them into a closer relationship with God.”  That would certainly be true of Homilies from the Heart.

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